Copy text hyperlinks

For example, when I copy text that are hyperlinked into gmail, the text will keep the hyperlink, but text becomes plain in obsidian. Not sure if this would be more a plugin feature where it allows the hyperlink address to be copied along with the original text and show up in markdown?


This is what we have to do to paste a link:

  1. Copy the link from somewhere
  2. Change windows to Obsidian
  3. Paste it the first time as text
  4. Change windows out of Obsidian
  5. option-click copy the second time for the URL
  6. Change windows to Obsidian
  7. Select the text
  8. Ctrl-K
  9. then finally paste the URL
  10. Oh and don’t forget to press the arrow key to get out of the parenthesis!

The action should be exactly what you experience when you reply in this forum. Open a reply window here and do this:

  1. Copy a named hyperlink link from somewhere
  2. Paste the link into the Editor
    Automatically get something like this [conda-forge](
    BAM! Smart computer! :slight_smile:

I had the same question as @pikacho.

This worked.

Thank you!

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I would really like the ability to easily paste “rich hyperlinks” - it’s supported both in Edge and Chrome on Windows. Essentially paste could easily create the markup for a hyperlink with both the title and the URL.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘This worked’
What worked?