Copy text from one note to another with easy link back

Hi, I would like to find out if its possible to easily copy snippets of selected text from one note to another note in a way that it automatically appends the link back to the original note, or even better, to the original block.

So the requirement is I have a full book inside Obsidian and want to extract specific snippets of text from the book (its split into a note per chapter) into other notes split into specific topics as I go through the document, and need a link back beneath each copied snippet to the original note I copied from for easy reference later.

Is there an efficient way to do this without having to manually add the backlink after pasting each note? Thanks


There is the Note refactor plugin which lets you select text, press your configured hotkey/use the command palette and extract the selection to a new note. (It’s a community plugin.)

This is an extraction and not copying. You can however specify what should happen in the original note in Note link template, in your case just keeping the selection there should be doable with {{new_note_content}}.
I think the default embed may even be better for your use case than just doubling the text, but that’s up to your personal preferences.

In the Refactored note template you can specify with {{title}} where the link to the original note should be in the new note.

It supports other placeholders as well, take a look at the screenshot or even better, try it out yourself with the plugin.


That plugin definitely helps me achieve what I need to for now thanks!

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You could also consider to transclude the blocks.

Is there a way to do this but instead of creating a new note, append the selected text to an existing note?


was also looking for this but could not find anything online, anyone got any inputs?

Probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but with the ‘copy block link’ plugin you can right-click any block or header and copy the transclusion link, for pasting it elsewhere.

There is a plugin called “Obsidian42 text transporter” that can copy the block link of a selection to another file and do many other such copying block links and block embeds kind of things. You should check it out if you haven’t heard of it before.