Copy Search Results, convert to Markdown-Links: spaces are not masked as %20

In the Search Core-Plugin we can copy the search results and convert them to text, wikilinks or markdown-links. This works fine for wikilinks, but if we choose markdown-links, the resulting links will not work, if the link name contains spaces.

Steps to reproduce

  • Start the Search Plugin and perform a search
  • Copy search results and choose Link-Syle: Markdown link
  • Paste the copied search results into another/new note
  • Try to use the markdown link

Expected result

[201805021440 BASF - Vorstände](201805021440%20BASF%20-%20Vorstä

Actual result

[201805021440 BASF - Vorstände](201805021440 BASF - Vorstä


  • Operating system: Winows 10 Home Vers 21H1
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.10

Additional information