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I’m using an M1 MacBook Air.

While in the “Preview Mode”, I press CMD-a (⌘+a) to select all of the text. Not only is the body of the note selected, but the note title is also selected. At this point I press CMD-c (⌘+c) to copy the selected text, the copy fails. The clipboard is not cleared and the selected text is not placed into the clipboard. (right clicking and selecting copy acts the same)

If I select the body of the note by clicking and dragging everything works fine. (By clicking and dragging the note title is not selected)

It appears when the title is selected the copy fails.

On small notes clicking and dragging is not a big deal, but with a multi page note it can be bothersome.

Any thoughts on this?

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Yes, I think this is still an unresolved but known bug and seemingly affects all platforms: Ctrl+A Ctrl+C (Cmd+A Cmd+C) does not copy text in preview

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Thank you for your reply.
I hope this is resolved.

I got the same problem

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