Copy/paste without links, keep other formatting

Is there any way to copy/paste text from a note and remove links but keep other formatting, such as italics? For example, I often find myself wanting to paste something from a note into an email or a Word document. I’d like to have most of the formatting but the links are useless in this context.

The only thing I can think of is to paste the text into a new note and remove “[[” and “]]” using universal find/replace, but this is cumbersome. Maybe there’s some magic solution I haven’t thought of.

Things I have tried

“Merge formatting” past option in Word. But this retains the links.

On Mac/iOS you could use Shortcuts and the Shortcut Launcher plugin to strip the link syntax and copy to clipboard (or to start an email with the text pasted in).

Otherwise you could setup a pattern in the Apply Patterns plugin to strip the link syntax, copy, then undo.

That looks interesting. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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