Copy/Paste Selection on Android doesn't work

Hi all,

I use vanilla obsidian, no third party plugins or extras. I keep one note for my day-to-day notes. Every morning I want to be able to copy from that note, so that I can paste my update into my team’s slack channel. My update is about half of the note, the rest I don’t want to paste.

On Android (Pixel 6, latest stable) when I press and hold on text in Obsidian a word might select but the Android ‘handles’ don’t appear that let me drag to select an area of my choosing. Ultimately it’s really really hard to select just the couple of paragraphs that I want to select. I usually end up copying the entire note into something else, then copying and pasting again from there where Android copy/paste works as expected.

This feels like a bug, but if I’m using it wrong please tell me

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Added a link to this to this other more active report Selection handles not appearing on mobile - #7 by alien_zeb