Copy obsidian url to trello in android

Steps to reproduce

in Android (newest ver.) when I go to a note and Copy Obsidian URL and create a link in Trello it resolves to Chrome with a DNS error.

If I do the same in IOS it operates correctly.
If I leave both links in Trello the IOS version works on both systems where the Android one fails on both systems

Expected result

link opens correctly on Obsidian

Actual result

Android version link does not work


  • Operating system:
  • Debug info:

Additional information

post some screen records of android and ios

and what the link looks like for the same page

[.obsidian://open? vault=

[.(http://obsidian/lopen? vault=
e=Daily_ Notes% 2F08-08-2022).

Top is IOS
bottom is Android

I see the http on the android but i dont know why its added