Copy link to bullet / heading and relative command palette shortcuts

Use case or problem

Current functionality:
I can go to another note and start typing something like [[04. Express - Live session 4#starting w 2 project completion]]. This works well. I can also do this to bullets.

Since I’ve been a long time onenote user, I’ve been able to “Copy link to paragraph”

This is nice for using in other programs (task management, calendar, etc…) and quickly get back to a note.

Its also sometimes faster to do than type out [[ uhh… what file am I in… oh yeah 04. E.. You get the idea.

Proposed solution

Add a “Copy link to location” to the right click menu:

The functionality is already there to link to headers/bullets. Why not allow a quick link grab.

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@mrjackphil this might be a nifty add-on to that “copy link to header” plugin you made :wink:

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Some hotkeys/ command palette items would also be very useful.