Copy button for codeblocks: Overlaps text

I put this “issue” here since the Github repo doesn’t have “Issues” (why?).

Currently, the “Copy” button is placed outside the code block and overlaps text in the preview:

Could we please have an option to get the “Copy” button inside the code block, maybe at top right, as many websites do it?

Hope the developer reads here …

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It seems to work differently now. v0.2.1 has a copy button that spans the width of the block (sometimes wider) and in 3 out of 4 themes I tried it on (Cybertron, Reverie and Minimal) it overlayed Line 1 of the block as seen below. California Coast did not overlay line 1 but the Copy button was wider than the block so it looked a little weird. Its generous to post a community plugin but having issues disabled is a little bit rude.

Same issue here with the new version & using California Coast theme.
For the moment i encapsulate data i want copy of in a custom admonition block which works well for formatting the ‘Copy’ layer:

<my code>