Copy and paste from Day One image problem

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I am migrating from Day One app on iPad. I have copied words and images from Day One page and pasted straight into a new file on Obsidian. All ok but when I then try to access the same file on my iPhone the image is not there…instead there is ‘Attachment_2.jpeg’ .
In Obsidian above the image in edit mode I see the following

Any pointer gratefully received thanks

Hi, did you solve this yet?

You say “All ok”, but it didn’t work in the first place. The “blob:capacitor://” link works on your one machine, but isn’t a valid link anywhere else.

I don’t use Day One, but you need to look into data export tools that will actually export the text and images into a regular folder, or as html or markdown.

Someone shared a tool they made. I never tested it, so look carefully, and backup your data first

DayOne to Obsidian script - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum

Thanks very much for that. It’s a steep learning curve but after about three days reading and watching videos and a week of using it I am beginning to understand and really enjoying it. I think I am going to save my DayOne files to pdf and store them in Obsidian. Thanks again