--- converts into — automatically on my Mac

Things I have tried

I checked System preferences, Keyboard, Text replacement but it’s not there.
How can I change that?

What I’m trying to do

I want to add a YAML a the top of a new note I type three dashes (—) and it converts in a long dash (—) automatically. I don’t want this.

How about if you change Editor Mode to Source Mode:

Obsidian > Preferences > Editor > Default Editing Mode > Source Mode

Does that fix it?

Hey ZenMoto, i tried it and unfortunatly it doesn’t fix the problem. But it could be related to Obsidian rather than to the Mac settings because it does not happen when I type — in TextEdit…

I got it!
Looking at the Obsidian settings and extensions was the key! The plugin Smart Typography has one option called Dashes:

Two dashes (–) will be converted to an en-dash (–). And en-dash followed by a dash will be converted to and em-dash (—). An em-dash followed by a dash will be converted into three dashes (—)

I turned it of now :slight_smile:

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