Converting Roam date format

Hi, I’m trying to migrate from Roam and need to convert my daily notes page date format. I’ve enabled the ‘Execute Code’ plug-in. And I’m trying to use the python script at Convert date format in file names and contents from Roam Research default style to Obsidian default style. · GitHub
When I put the script into a note, it doesn’t give me run button - what am I doing wrong?
Or - is there a better way to do this?

Here are two threads that may have the answers you seek:

Hi Nick, Thanks for the reply!
I had seen that first link "Converting Roam Daily Notes. . . "
But I just don’t understand what it’s telling me to do!
I’m in Windows11. My vault is in OneDrive.
Don’t know what a bash script is, let alone how to run it. .
I think I’d have the same problem from the second link as well, far as I can tell from reading it.

A bash script is something that would require you to setup Windows Subsystem for Linux, so is not an ideal solution for you.

Thanks Cawlin!