Converting "plaintext" footnotes into markdown footnotes


I have some text copied from a PDF where the footnotes are in plain text looking like this. Converting this into markdown footnotes is a bit pain as there are quite a lot of them.

The original looks like this:

some text here1

1. footnote here

and I want it to look like this:

some text here[^1]

[^1]: footnote here

For example what i’d like is a simle macro that would insert at the current cursor location [^ then move over the numbers and insert ]

Another macro do to the same but insert ]: on the last bit.

And i would need to have those macros bind to some hotkey, like Alt+f and Alt+Shift+F

I have looked at the available plugins (QuickAdd and Commander) and nothing seems to be quite what i’m looking for, but maybe i’m missing something.

I was hopefull with CustomJS, but wasn’t able to get even the example script from the github page to work, and seems someone else has a similar issue: Scripts not loading from Folder · Issue #63 · saml-dev/obsidian-custom-js · GitHub

Any other suggestions for any plugins that would be suitable for this case?

If you want a plugin solution, pick Quickadd by chhoumann

You will need to create a new capture macro (toggle capture to active file, toggle capture format) and insert at the bottom of the same capture macro window:


Name your macro “footnotes” and you’re done, go to your note, select your footnote, invoke the command palette and look for your new macro “footnotes”.

Otherwise you’ll need a shell script solution but this one would be for terminal geeks only

I remember, recently I’ve seen a mass find and replace plugin, but i don’t use it and my net is slow now

Thanks this was exactly what I was looking for, didn’t quite understand the meaning of capture macro when i first looked at QuickAdd.

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