Converting or Creating Internal links that are common mark compliant

Things I have tried

It does not seem like there is a way to achieve what I want.

What I’m trying to do

I love creating new files with the internal link method of using [[Foo-Foo]] and then clicking on it and creating a file that ends up for example [[…/…/]]. The path of course is dependent on what you have the preferences set to.

I don’t think that is common mark compliant. Wiki-link style linking is not in the spec. I’ve seen some posts requesting it in the common mark forums but it’s not there yet. I’d like to have my markdown link as (Link to Foo-Foo)[…/…/]. Is there any way to automate converting (or even better…creating them in this way first) the links to the common mark format rather than having to go back after the fact and hand edit the internal link so its common mark compliant? Maybe a hot key that will create the link as a normal link and not an internal/wiki-link style link?

The reason why I want it to be common mark compliant is so that I could theoretically archive the entire vault and have the links still work outside of obsidian. By keeping things common mark compliant I can achieve this goal

If I understand your problem correctly, the solution is to go to Settings->Files & Links and turn off the Use [[Wikilinks]] option.

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