Converting markdown to Word

My understanding is that some people use Obsidian for their writing replacing other programs. Since Obsidian has no hierarchy structure like Scrivener I think the workaround is using multiple notes and assigning index prefixes in the name of each file. So how do we get these out of Obsidian in an organized fashion into something like Word? Not interested in PDF. I realize “i own the text files” but multiple text files vs one large word document does not compute. I see a lot of talk about Pandoc which I have never used so before I put time into that app can someone tell me if Pandoc will export several dozen notes keeping them in the order in one folder and drop them into one docx or doc file? If not what are the other options for accomplishing this? Thanks.

I’m not a pandoc expert, but I think you can pretty easily concatenate markdown files and then convert via pandoc (or whatever).

FWIW (and nothing to do with Word, unfortunately), when I wrote a book-length (diss) a few years ago, and now when I’m working on a book, my goal is to have a separate latex file for each chapter. Then I can very easily combine them in 1 latex as subfiles, which I then compile.
All this is to say, I never had the need to have a single file, but I do recall that there is a concatenation command-line command somewhere that would do that sort of thing. But it would do it on the .md level and then you can convert it.

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Never used the latex either but looks like Texmaker is a recommended program. I don’t necessarily need one file but the ability to print them sequentially you get the idea. I will give these a try I just need to know if there are options to make this happen before I spent time. Thanks.

I have never used or tested it, but there is also the “Longform” plugin. It was mentioned in Discord when we were discussing Scrivener.

It looks like it has bigger plans for what it can do when compiling to a final document. It could be worth keeping an eye on.


Oh I hadn’t seen that before, that looks really great and promising! Thanks for the pointer.

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