Converting lines/paragraphs to list

Use case or problem

When copying notes from somewhere, there might be a list of items separated by line breaks (or split into paragraphs). It would be great to convert them to proper Markdown lists. Now I have to add - in front of every item.

Proposed solution

I am not that familiar with Obsidian UI yet, but selecting the text and pressing - or * could add - or * in front of each line, similarly as it happens when you select text and press [Tab] (all lines are indented).

It should also handle numbered lists (what should be pressed)?

In this forum, this works when I select multiple lines and press on the list icon.

Current workaround (optional)

Manual work or copying in other editors

You can select the lines and use Ctrl+Enter or use Toggle bullet list in the Command Palette

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Great, this covers even more use cases!

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