Converting from RemNote


I’ve recently exported all my RemNote pages as markdown files and would like use them as an Obsidian Vault. First of all however I would like to make some bulk edits to the files.

All of the daily note files have been exported in the format Tuesday,-January-26th-2021 inside a directory called Daily-Document. I would like to rename all of these files into the format 2021 01 26, Tue and rename the folder to something simpler e.g. journals (this would make it compatible with LogSeq and I’m hoping to edit the same vault using either tool).

I have started to learn Python to write a script to do the bulk renaming but realise that I would also have to scan the entire vault for each file to edit any references to point to the new directory/filename.

Before I do this, has anyone already done anything similar, have any advice or know of a quicker way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve tried to export the data from JSON and from markdown. It’s tricky to adapt the format, and more important, the relations.

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