Converting author tags (from Evernote) to author Properties

What I’m trying to do

I recently converted from Evernote and for years had added poems (and other writings) as separate notes, each with a tag indicating the author. For example: “author: William Butler Yeats”. These do indeed show up as tags in Obsidian, albeit as error-laden tags (“author:-William-Butler-Yeats”).

But I want to take full advantage of Obsidian’s features by making either 1)a linked note for each author, or, ideally, 2) add the author name as its own property then use that system for existing and future notes.

I will do this manually if I have do, but would rather not (I have about 300 poems carried over from Evernote), and it would be useful to learn how to do this for other concepts and ideas I’ve tagged as associated with multiple poems (“gratitude”, “war”, etc) so I can build out my maps and move beyond tags.

Things I have tried

Using Microsoft Visual Studio Code to reformat them as Links, which would get me a good bit of the way there. However all I’ve been able to do is replace “#author:-” with “[[”, but since all the authors’ names are different following that, I can’t figure out how to skip to the end of the names to add the closed brackets.

Thank you!

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