Converter script from SQLite table to Notes

I had a bunch of tools and whatnot in an SQLite database and I wanted to convert them to Obsidian notes using front matter properties to use with the Projects plugin.

I’m not interested in developing it further, but feel free to improve it.


Does your script give you more control over the front matter properties than using SQLite’s Markdown mode?

sqlite> .mode markdown

as described here …

Mine extracts the table rows into separate files, filling the properties of the file, so one-row-one file like this:

# File name: hosting/
created: "2023-06-08 12:26:17.155Z"
id: qcmqs5iyx4b22j8
name: shuttle
updated: "2023-06-08 12:26:17.155Z"

sqlite> .mode markdown

This command generates a Markdown table like this:

sqlite> select * from hosting;
|         created          |       id        |   name    |         updated          |            url             |
| 2023-06-08 12:26:17.155Z | qcmqs5iyx4b22j8 | shuttle   | 2023-06-08 12:26:17.155Z |    |
| 2023-07-17 18:38:04.142Z | cepcjsfn1ya4r1h | Hostinger | 2023-07-17 18:38:04.142Z | |
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Thank you so much for your detailed explanation.

I plan on trying it out on tables of a SQLite database I back-engineered via ERD from an Android podcast app and then used to populate a RSS app.

I will look into importing a subset into Obsidian - perhaps your script being more atomic will lend itself better for re-use into categories e.g. news, music etc | bulletin/daily/weekly | L:de-en-es-fr-it-nl-pt etc.