Convert your list to table or graph: Any Block

still on developing, using 1.3 version, release : GitHub - LincZero/obsidian-any-block: A Obsidian Plugin. You can flexibility to create a 'Block' by some means. It also provides some useful features, like `list to table`.

Block conversion、list to table or other tree graph, example (source code on left):

list to mermaid:

list to mindmap:


Very good, looking forward to going online

hello, loved the plugin and I’ve downloaded with BRAT.
how can I use the feature list to table? I’m lost

sorry, just saw message. u can check the first image. this will work

- A
   - B
- C
   - D

this will show:


@dorkloon I really like this plugin! Any plans to handle checkboxes better? Right now I have to make the checkbox like this for it to show up in the table:

- - [ ] my task

Instead of
- [ ] my task

Which is annoying because I can’t just convert my lists directly into tables without having to go in and edit all the lines.

Also it’d be nice if I could control the padding:

Versus without the checkbox:

would be nice if you could get output source from it (e.g. markdown table generated from a list)

and/or do permanent conversion between those formats

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+1 @a13ph, a permanent conversion would be very helpful!

Would you know of anyway to do that in Obsidian or other applications? I checked across some apps, but wasn’t able to find any