Convert YAML tags to 'normal' tags

Hi, I’ve used imported to bring in some notes from Evernote. The tags have been converted and created as YAML. I’d prefer it if they were normal tags, in the body of the note as these are easier/quicker to work with for me.

Is there a way to convert the YAML tags into normal tags. In the pic below, I’ve manually adding the two tags shown in purple, but would like to automate this and for the YAML to be deleted please.


There will soon be a new Obsidian version out with new core plugin Properties, so you might want to keep them where they are.
In the meantime look up the Linter community plugin to see how you can format your YAML further.

Thanks. Tagging by simply typing # then choosing a tag is a lot easier than manually typing the full tag path. Not sure I will benefit from the properties that you suggest, hence the ask.

Also, the YAML tags you have seem to be invalid or superfluous. Not sure why the Evernote importer should have done it so. As I said, keep your options open and learn about YAML best practices. Just my two cents.

Hi @Broxhead - you could use YARLE to export your Evernote notes instead:

This gives you the option to have your tags in the main body text, as #Sound-Design #Techniques, rather than in YAML.

It’s super easy to use - I used it to import thousands of notes stretching back to 2008 without any issues.


Wow! Looks impressive. I’ll give it a go. Thank you Alan

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