Convert to obsidian url command

Obsidian URLs allow us to link to other notes without affecting the graph/bidirectional linking features, so we can keep our notes hyper-useful while referencing other notes but without cluttering up the graph.

I noticed that we can copy the obsidian URL of a [[wikilink]], so you could manually copy it, rewrite the [display text], paste the (obsidianURL) one by one, but it would be much greater to have a command that automatically replaces one or a set of selected wikilinks with obsidian URLs. And ideally, an equal command that converts obsidian URLs to wikilinks.

That way we could for example bulk [[wikilink]] every instance in a note that has a correspondingly titled note and then bulk convert them to Obsidian URLS so we have regular links that don’t clutter anything up. We could then select the links we want to convert back to wikilinks, or something like that.

These links could easily be styled differently to quickly differentiate them.