Convert Regular Page to Canvas

Use case or problem

I usually start writing in a regular note, whether it is for a new idea, meeting notes, some long form text or anything else really. Occasionally, I end up realizing that my linear note would be served better as a canvas, which creates friction with having to create an identically named canvas, and the figuring out how to add parts of the original note to a canvas (whether to reference each block individually or add headings or just drop the entire note).

Proposed solution

It would make it much easier if we could convert a regular markdown note in a canvas file. Ideally, each header would be segregated into a separate canvas card, but don’t have a very strong preference there.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I create a canvas with an identical name to the original markdown note and then drop the note into that canvas (or parts of it).


The idea for converting markdown file to canvas is great, but what got me was the idea of using each header as a separate note. That is the best part of this request.

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I’d love to be able to turn a Canvas Map into a Markdown file as an outline (using Headings). Alternatively (or both) take a Markdown file with Headings as the outline, and turn that into a Canvas Map.

Some of the “mind map” tools, like MindNode and others, will turn a map into a Markdown outline file, and vice-versa.

There is a plugin that you can install using the BRAT plugin that converts a note into a canvas based on the headings.

GitHub - Feel-ix-343/obsidian-canvas-moc: Converts MOC note files to an obsidian canvas

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