Convert or Export [[]] to [](.md)

The Markdown Format Importer is great, but a converter/exporter to change wikilinks [[filename]] to the more common [filename]( across the whole vault would be wonderful.


I see “Export to standard Markdown” on the Obsidian Roadmap. It looks like it is actively being worked on.


Obsidian already support the option that when you type a [[]]-notation it is automatically converted into -notation.
For the files you already created you will have to write a script to do so.
May I ask why you would apply the -notation in an Obsidian only environment?

Seems like this was worked on but then moved to long-term…

There are always situation where tou want to get the markdown out of Obsidian. wikilinks are nice to have but not markdown! This should be moved much higher in the priority!

I could not find a plugin that converts the wikilink to a relative markdown-link! :frowning:

I think what you’re looking for is the Wikilinks to MDLinks plugin, which you can find browsing community plugins in Obsidian. Also here: GitHub - agathauy/wikilinks-to-mdlinks-obsidian: An Obsidian md plugin which allows for the conversion of individually selected wikilinks to markdown links, and vice versa.