Convert Obsidian Links to Hyperlinks using Meta Data for WordPress Publishing

I am using obsidian to build my blog and site architecture. Every page on my website is a note in Obsidian which is linked to other notes in Obsidian to replicate the internal links of my site architecture.

I write my blog posts in batches in Obsidian. When I want to copy my obsidian note and publish it as a page in WordPress, everything sort of transfers except for the internal links which is not explicitly hyperlinked.

Currently I have to manually hyperlink everything again in WordPress.

Is there a way to specify a url: and anchor text in the meta data of the internal linked page so that it gets automatically hyperlinked when copy pasted into WordPress.

Or any other alternative to publish to WordPress without reconfiguring the hyperlinks.

If this is a request for help, why posting it in feature requests?

Sorry. I am new to the forum. I think this should be a plugin request.

There is one more simpler alternative that works right now but it involves getting Obsidian publish.

  1. All note names should be the URL slug you want to use in WordPress. You can include spaces in your note name.

  2. Specify the right anchor text for your internal links by adding an alias like below [[Note Name|anchor text]]. If you don’t specify the anchor text the note name will be used as the anchor text.

  3. Publish the page using Obsidian publish.

  4. Visit the published page in a browser and copy the text and paste it in a new Obsidian note

  5. You will have all the internal links converted into hyperlink but with a different domain name.

  6. Find replace the obsidian publish domain name with your WordPress domain name.

  7. Spaces are converted into + in the URL. So you may also want to change + to - by doing a find replace.

If you use WordPress pages to have a parent child relationship then your URL will look like this To replicate this structure, you just need to place your notes into respective folders in Obsidian.

If someone can build a plugin that does not require Obsidian publish (steps 3 and 4) that would be awesome.

I discovered this plugin Obsidian Link Converter that lets me toggle between [[wiki]] links and Markdown links.

The markdown links retains the structure that can be transferred to WordPress.

The url will be in upper case. To make it clean, I change it to lower case using a regex replace in NotePad++
I use the following
Find: ("http[^"]*")
Replace: \L\1

Spaces in url gets converted to %20. So I replace it with - using find and replace.