Controls in center text area barely visible

What I’m trying to do

Controls (buttons?) in the center text area area are barely visible. Controls in the left sidebar are just right.

I’ve got two screenshots. The first is of controls in upper right corner of the center text area. (They appear much brighter in the screenshot than when viewed directly.):

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 11.04.23 AM

This is the left sidebar:

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 10.52.57 AM

Things I have tried

I checked “Settings” under “Appearance” and “Minimal Theme” settings for items that would change that. I didn’t find anything obvious.

With same theme and settings the icons that are barely visible on the desktop are sharp on my iPhone and iPad. On them everything, in the left sidebar and file explore, including controls above it, and the icons in the top right corner that are concerning on the desktop, are at the same level of brightness.

I cannot find the settings, either in “Appearance” or the “Minimal Theme,” that control this. I am reluctant to go trying things out of concern that I may create a situation I don’t like and that I don’t know how to revert.

Do you have the “Style settings” plugin enabled?

Style settings → Minimal → Icons → Icon color

Thanks. I do. But now I have a confounding problem. My sidebars are suddenly much lighter than the main text area. Previously there was only a faint difference.

I’ve tried all the dark mode options in Settings > Minimal Theme Settings > Dark Mode Color Scheme and > Dark Mode Background Contrast. Even with Background Contrast set to True Black the sidebars are much lighter. Previously you couldn’t tell the differfence.

I’m guessing it’s a control somewhere else that affects this.

I found the control for Background Contrast: Settings > Appearance > Translucent Window. To Off.

I would not have suspected this control would control that from the description of it.

That said, the original problem–visibility of controls at the very top of the screen–has gone away.

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