Controlling standardized text across multiple notes in a single source file, WITHOUT using note embedding, to preserve dataview functionality

What I’m trying to do

For certain note types in my vault, I have a standardized “Backlinks” section at the bottom of the note. (This contains several specialized dataview queries to organize backlinks according to various criteria, so it’s not replaceable with the Backlinks plugin.) However, this makes it a hassle to update the Backlinks sections of old notes when I change / expand / improve how I organize my custom Backlinks section.

It would be very convenient if I could just automate the Backlinks section for these notes to pull from a single source, something like “for all notes that have the tag #note/evergreen, append the text contained in to the bottom of the note.” Then any edits I would make in would automatically be reflected in all corresponding notes.

Things I have tried

The most obvious idea is to just use note embedding, e.g. just put ![[evergreen-backlinks]] at the bottom of all evergreen notes. However, this breaks the functionality of my dataview queries, since they rely on this.file references. (And even if it worked, the blockquote that comes with note embedding would be undesirable aesthetically.)

Templates also won’t work because the Backlinks section for old notes won’t update automatically if I make changes to how I want to organize the Backlinks section.

I tried looking around for existing plugins that might accomplish something like this but couldn’t find anything. But I suppose it’s possible some plugin out there can do this and I just didn’t use the right search terms.

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