Control threshold for "Existing files only" filter

Use case or problem

In graph view, there is currently a filter which can be toggled to display “existing files only,” as opposed to all existing notes and links to non-existent notes. It is often the case that these non-existent notes only have one link pointing to them, and these I usually ignore. Sometimes, a non-existent file will acquire several links, at which point I will create the file, if I haven’t already, because it becomes apparent that the note is of some importance.

What I would like is to set a threshold so that if a non-existent file only has one link pointing to it, it is filtered out. On the other hand, if a non-existent file exceeds the threshold, for example 3, then the non-existent file will be displayed if there are three or more links pointing to it.

Proposed solution

When the “existing files only” toggle is ON, add a threshold such that when a non-existent file has a number of links pointing to it exceeding the threshold, the non-existent file will be displayed.

Current workaround (optional)

There is no workaround for this. I must manually discriminate between non-existent files exceeding my personal threshold and not exceeding my personal threshold.


Bump. I would really like to see this implemented as it would enhance my workflow.

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Specific advanced graph filtering might be doable in Neo4j Graph View Plugin.

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It’s a bit hard! You can use Cypher querying to find all nodes with label ‘SMD_dangling’ with three or more incoming edges. But this won’t be persistent throughout in the graph view.

Neo4j Graph View does allow you to select nodes and then hide them though!

The idea is very interesting for sure. I’ll consider it, it should be easy to implement.

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