Control-f in linux using vim mode

What I’m trying to do

in vim mode on linux, I hit control-f and instead of jumping forward a screen, I get the obsidian search. then I realized since the obsidian “activation key” in linux is control, I’m going to have many other conflicts with vim. can I change the obsidian key from control to Mod4 (command or windows) instead of control?

Things I have tried

scrolled down a line at a time instead of jumping half a page with control-d or a full page with control-f

You can set custom hotkeys.

yes, but can I change the control key globally to meta4 or do I have to change every single hotkey manually?

There isn’t a UI to do that, but you could probably do a find-replace on the underlying file .obsidian/hotkeys.json (back it up first!) and then restart Obsidian.

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