Context Menu - Manual Scrolling

Use case or problem

I do a lot of right clicking and using the context menu. The problem is that the context menu auto scrolls, depending on where the mouse is in the menu, when there is too many options in the menu to be visible at one time. The auto scrolling feature is not helpful because when I try to click on an option, the menu can move if my cursor is to close to the bottom of the menu. It slows down my productivity because there are features I need to access a lot that I don’t need to scroll to.

Proposed solution

Instead of auto scrolling, can we have a scroll bar in the menu so scrolling can be a manual operation? or at least a toggle in the settings for either/or?

What context is this in? I’ve never noticed the behavior, checked now and couldn’t produce scrolling. When I shrank my window, the menu extended outside of it (this is on a Mac). One of the context menus is very tall but not taller than my screen, so I couldn’t test that scenario.

If you’re using a theme, check if the behavior happens in the Sandbox vault (found in the Help menu near the bottom of the left edge of the app), which uses the default theme.

Ok I was able to recreate it in the default theme. its based on how many options are in the right click context menu, or if the font size changes, then the context menu autoscrolls. The video showing the behavior is below. Im hoping for some kind of toggle for manual scrolling with a scroll bar. You can recreate this by changing the Zoom Level.

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