Content tabs


was wondering if anything like this exists. I haven’t found anything for obsidian.

This is not about tables or tabs of the UI.

Tabs are sections which are “overlaid”, like normal tabs, but within the text/document. So you can have sections that can be switched to without needing to scroll.



I like how wiki.js is handling TabContent with Markdown. Would be great to have something similar in Obsidian.

# Tabs {.tabset}

## First Tab

Any content here will go into the first tab...

## Second Tab

Any content here will go into the second tab...

## Third Tab

Any content here will go into the third tab...


Using headers and adding the {.tabset} class to the parent header. The parent header text will not be shown in the final result.

Note that you can use any header level, as long as the children headers are one level higher. For example, if a parent header is ### (h3), the tabs headers must be #### (h4). The maximum header level for a parent being 5 and the children 6.

Content Tabs Markdown - Wiki.js

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I’ve started using Material for MkDocs and yeah… Content Tabs are awesome. I wish Obsidian would support them.