Content Pusher Plugin

Hey everyone!

We’ve been discussing this over in the Plugin Ideas category, but I have created a plugin. It allows you to use the following syntax to automatically write text to a note without opening it in a new pane: [note title]>>{text to add). The plugin allows you to customize that >> syntax if something works better for you. The plugin allows includes:

  • Ability to push aliases directly into the front matter
  • Inline settings (currently only to append or prepend the content)
  • Creates new notes without opening them
  • Automatic push (plugin will trigger without running a command)

There are more details over on the GitHub page for the plugin. The plugin is still in beta (even though I am using 1.0 version numbers :upside_down_face:) so any feedback would be really appreciated. It can be installed either directly from the latest release or through BRAT.

Lastly, if for some reason you want to support the plugin even more: ko-fi


It would be great if the plugin worked with Obsidian settings. I mean especially “Default location for new notes”. At the moment, it only creates notes in the main folder.

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+1 Even better if it could place the newly created note in a specific folder…actually there’s a semi-work around:
creates a new note in the folder specified in “path_to_folder”; the problem is that the link in the original note appears with all the specified path folder which is quite visually disturbing.
It would be great if it could automatically set the new note name to “notetitle” but sent it to the “path_to_folder” specified before note title.
Any hints on this?