Content of synced md filed gone after copying folder into vault

Steps to reproduce

I sync a vault between laptop and android.
Using the laptop: I copied an entire vault (vault 1) and placed it inside a folder located in vault 2.
I also copied the .obsidian directory of vault 2 without realizing it.

It synced to the phone using your sync plugin and I could see the files and navigate the wiki links on both the phone and the laptop.
After navigating a few links, the note content was blank; no text in them (I know they contained text previous to copying vault 2). The file names where untouched. No version history was available, allthough I could open the windew where you normallt can view them.
I deleted the .obsidian directory from the copied vault 2, in case it caused issues. The problem wasnt gone.

Notes created directly from vault 1 seem to have no issues.

Expected result

Vault 1 treating vault 2 as any other folder containing md files.

Actual result

described in “steps to reproduce”. sorry :smiley:


  • Operating system: Android, LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition)
  • Obsidian version: dont know. the most reasent one available to non insiders on both devices probably (automatic updates). the issue happend at today, at the time writing.

Additional information

I have no community plugins installed.

I have no idea what happened.

The file where blank or there where no files and you were creating them empty while clicking on the wikilinks.

I am gonna move this to help. If this happens again and you can provide a recording of what your a doing, that would help.

I should add that I could open a md from the obsidian file explorer (view it in obsidian as you normally would) and then I could see that it contained text.

If I then did the ctrl+o command to open that same file, it became blank (contained no text, but the file name was the same as before).
I tried this on several files, and got the same result as described above.
Files opened with ctrl+o seem to become blank

I now realized that the notes that lost their content seem to have been copied to the root folder of the vault I copied them to somehow. I recognize the titles.

I tested the whole thing again, and the problem is now gone!
The only thing i did was to make sure that the sync process was complete.

The reason that the “copies” appeared might have been that suggested note names of old non existent files appeared in the ctrl+o thing.
I have a folder that is a frequent guest so to speak. I paste it in the vault, then cut it from the vault again. So I suspect the problem was that only fully synced notes was able to be opened with ctrl+o and the rest of them got created instead of opened.

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