Content of note dissapeared

About a week ago i realized that i have bunch of notes with similar theme and decided to make them all in to a single one. This whole week everything was fine, i used and edited this big note few times, but today when i opened Obsidian the content of the note is just gone. I opened it in explorer - size is 0kb. I’ve never used any third party plugins or custom css, just default Obsidian.
My Obsidian version is 1.1.9 and OS is Windows 10.
There was a lot of usefull and unrestorable data but nothing too important fortunately.

For bug reports, it’s a best to follow the bug report template that’s there for you.

That said, have a look in Settings>Core Plugins>File Recovery and see if you can view (and copy) a snapshot that’s not 0kb.

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Thank you so much! I’ve allready accepted that all my data is gone and now turns out that is not. :>
I actually guessed that there should be some backup system but all i found on internet is “make copy of a vault” and “cloud” there also was 2 posts with similar problem but all they sad is “disable/update third party plugins”.
To be fair “file recovery” tab is not that hard to find, i guess i should’ve look better.
I’ll try to edit my post so it would fit the template.
Edit: I looked at the template and i don’t think that my case is suitable for that. I probably should’ve posted this in “help” category.

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Glad it was that easy :rofl:

No need to edit. For next time.

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@Funoji Please take a look at 0-byte file (again) - note completely destroyed

I’ve been trying to figure this out for many months… no luck so far

Some day when I’m dead and gone we’ll have the answer. Until then, I make compulsive backups every hour and have some scripts to alert me to any 0 byte files that runs every 10 minutes.

It’s like driving a Ferrari with the mirror attached by rubber bands and a bungee cord. :person_shrugging:

This may help you start backing up your computer (phone, etc): Home | World Backup Day — March 31st

Even just copying everything to an external hard drive once a year is better than nothing.


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