Constant reloads on Mobile (iOS)

What I’m trying to do

Open the app.

Things I have tried

  • most plugins are disabled. I don’t really use them on mobile
  • turned off syncing of all plugin settings.
  • tried deleting/reinstalling the app. This worked the first time I loaded the app, but after the first sync it went back to the reload loop

Enabled plugins:

  • Dataview
  • Settings Search
  • Admonition
  • Home Tab
  • Sync
  • Periodic Notes

Whenever I open the Obsidian app on iOS, it reloads multiple times (like 10-15 times) and takes about 3 minutes to stop. (I have a a screen cap of this, but it’s just 3+ minutes of seeing my home tab for a couple seconds, then progress bars as everything loads again and is too large to include…)

I don’t use Obsidian that much on my phone, but I do create a bunch of notes via Shortcuts and add to my vault. I open Obsidian a couple times a day to trigger Obsidian Sync, but it’s maddening that I just have to let the app reload a dozen times before anything happens.

Any ideas on why this is a thing?