Consolidate Tags Regardless Of Case Sensitivity

An annoyance I have now is that if I take identical words that have different casing, they get treated as unique tags. For example, if I use [[Congress]] and [[congress]] they count as 2 tags instead of one.

I’d love to see these get combined. It would make creating connections easier and would save time by not having to hunt down and fix variations.


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I thought [[Congress]] is a link to a note entitled Congress, and a congress tag would be #Congress or #congress.

What you want would be more appropriate as plug-in.

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Agreed. But I think you mean #congress and #Congress, not [[wikilinks]] which do seem to be case-insensitive

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Just to elaborate on the problem more. When I am adding tags in the yaml header, the tag suggestions (which I know also show up with inline tagging) will only come up based on case sensitivity. If, for example I want to add “Congress” but I begin typing the lowercase “c”, the suggestion won’t come up at all. This is not only a problem with the creation of duplicate tags and all the search, dataview, and other problems that would cause. More importantly, it creates consistency problems if a new tag is created that has more significant changes than just initial capitalization.

In summary, it seems to me that tags should be searchable regardless of letter case. Maybe this is an issue because the searches are ASCII based. I don’t know. But if so, that is a very old issue from much earlier days in tech.