Consolidate items present in a given field of the Daily Journals (without tasks)

Case Presentation

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so if I’m doing this the wrong way, please let me know so I can correct it. I’ve been using Obsidian since January and, little by little, I’ve really fallen in love with the tool. I paid for the sync plan and am using it on several different devices.

In my Daily Journal, I add tasks and general notes. In the case of tasks, they are already dynamically consolidated using the Tasks plugin. But in the case of notes, they are spread out between different days. The objective would be to unify them in the same session within another note.

I’m not a programmer, but based on some research (and a lot of trial and error) I came up with a result very close to what I expect. The only problem is that in this result it lists the tasks. When I would like to see only the standard bullets. I wouldn’t want to convert the Notes and Tasks fields as Headers, because I already use the Tasks plugin based on the current headers.

Things I have tried

Trying to get ordinary bullets without grab tasks I tried to exclude [, ], - [ - [ ]. I also tried to limit the results to only - followed by letters without success.

Trying to filter this content:


Using this formula:

I got all items (bullets and tasks):

The red rectangle is just one more attempt to filter the tasks, based on many related posts I found on this forum and reddit. I also tried using WHERE !contains(L.text, "\[") and many other combinations.

What I’m trying to do

Filter out any tasks from the notes section below JohnDoe.

You could try to replace your red boxed where clause with the following:

WHERE !L.task

Not tested, but I think it should work. It checks a meta field of the list element to see if it is a task or not.


You have no idea how many hours my limited brain spent on this. The solution is it so simple that hurts. So great to hear from smart people! You’re the best @holroy, thank you.


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