CONSOLE ERROR: MathJax is not defined

Hi, I’m a dev that just got into custom plugins here in obsidian.

I’m trying to render a mathjax equation to display it in a new view on the right sidebar.
My new view functionality is done, but I’m having a hard time trying to render the mathjax equation.

My code is similar to this:

// All basic imports are called

export default class NewPlugin extends Plugin {
    // Sets plugin as normal

    // On plugin load:
    // Register new view 
    // On layout ready adds a new view to the right leaf

class NewView extends ItemView {
    // Sets view as normal

    async onOpen() {
        let mathjax_text = "$\\rho^2 + 3 = 5$";
        let mathjax_element = renderMath(mathjax_text, false);
        await finishRenderMath();

When the new plugin in enabled and the new view is opened a error is thowned in the console:

I’ve looked at the source code of others plugins that functionality and every one is doing the same thing as me “renderMath” then “await finishRenderMath”. I have no ideia why my plugin doesn’t work.

Am I forgetting something? Do I have to import some thing special? Is my obsidian version bugged? Is that a real bug in the newest obsidian version? Is there a new way to do what I’m trying to do?

If more information is needed to solve the problem I can provide it.
Thanks for the help!