Consistency in the interaction model

I am looking for some consistency in the interaction models of the keyboard, mouse, touch and pen interactions. It is currently (on Windows) a bit of a hit and miss.

Use case or problem

On the Canvas, if I open the canvas and touch the screen, nothing happens. Double tap nothing. With the pen, one tap nothing, double tap creates a new card. If I touch a card (highlighted) and press CTRL+C and CTRL+V, nothing. If I select with the pen, keyboard instructions copies and pastes. If I select card with finger, touching outside the card deselects. If I select with pen, touching outside does nothing. It lacks consistency not just between tools (keyboard, mouse, touch, digital pen), but also in the tool’s model itself.

Proposed solution

Create consistency by having the same interaction, irrespective of the tool (T - touch, P - pen, M - mouse, K - keyboard).

Suggested interactions

  1. TPM - Once (on Canvas) nothing
  2. TPM - Once (on Card) selects card
  3. TPM - Double (on Canvas) creates new
  4. TPM - Double (on Card) edits card
  5. TPM - Once outside, if card is currently selected, deselects

Touch specific

  1. Hold for 3+ sec gives menu (pen and mouse have a button for that)
  2. Hold for less than three seconds (on Canvas) and “drag”, creates “box” to selects cards
  3. Hold for less than three seconds (on card) and “drag”, moves the card
  4. Two fingers for moving Canvas

Supporting Keyboard interactions (seeing that we are in Obsidian and it would be a sin not to support it properly). Allow keyboard shortcuts to overwride standard Obsidian shortcuts, if the canvas is selected. (Using Windows shortcuts to explain)

  1. CTRL+N for new card
  2. ENTER to finish card, ENTER AGAIN to Add child card.
  3. SHIFT+ENTER to write more lines or automatically expand card as you type.
  4. ESC to dismiss selection or editing
  5. CTRL+A to select all
  6. CTRL+C to copy selected content
  7. CTRL+V to paste (if text was selected, it would past text into a card, if multiple cards outside the canvas were selected, past would create the cards inside Canvas (after selecting Canvas)
  8. CTRL+Y/Z to redo or undo
  9. Arrows for moving between cards
  10. CTRL+Arrows to move a card

Current workaround (optional)

Noting I can think of

Related feature requests (optional)

There are quite a few feature requests that asks for solutions to specific parts of my request, instead of addressing the fundamental problem…