Consider adding an "import" feature?

Use case or problem

I recently meet a problem that needs to use 2 vaults at the same time. To be more specific, I keep all my reading notes in a cloud folder where i keep all my books, and all my writings in another. So my problem is, sometimes I need to quote something like a summary in my reading notes to my writing, I can only do it by copy&paste or a screenshot.

Proposed solution

So my proposal is that we add an “import” feature like in Python or like the friend class in cpp, which allows us to quote things in another vault more easily.
i.e. link a file like [[friend/import_vault/]].
Imports in an imported vault can be ingored, and I think just adding the quote feature in the imported vault is enough.




@sunyuqi99 Nice idea. I think it could be helpful for this to have some automation built in allowing duplicate file names to be automatically renamed and all relevant links in the other imported files to be updated.

I am glad to see your request as I was about to create a similar request as alluded to in my help topic from a few days ago, Combining vaults and avoiding duplicates


thank you, this helps! but it seems in this way I cannot specify my quote to headings or text blocks.
it would still be cool to do it easier;)

thanks for replying! hope to see this soon