Connect [[Text A]] with [[Text B]] without Title page

It could connect [[Text A]] with [[Text B]]
and [[Text A]] and [[Text B]] are inside the same page.

but it can’t connect [[Text A]] with [[Text B]] without page Title ,

We can’t filter the page title with connected .

Roam can’t also do it. but it 's the definitely needed useful feature.

I just wanna make “Bad idea” and “good execution” connection, and without title" Idea Arent Worth".


I am not sure we will ever get to the point of handling directly links between words within a single markdown file. You can probably achieve that by embedding some html anchors in the file.
Adding this level of functionaly will make the source file much less readable.

However, links to headers within a single note is in the books.
Possibly related: Links within the current note

this is now possible with block references