Connect Obsidian with ChatGPT

A few months ago, I wrote a plugin (GitHub - buszk/obsidian-ai-editor) to use Large Language Model, mainly chatgpt, to enhance my Obsidian workflow. Instead of making it to do pre-defined actions, I made it very configurable so that a user is able to customize different kinds of actions for their needs.

I know this plugin is still in very early stage needing a lot of user experience improvement, but I would like to share it here to have more people to use it and collect some early feedback. It could help me prioritize future tasks to make it better.


After configuring the API key, you can try out the default actions. I had a video shared in reddit post but unfortunately that was deleted.

  • Create a new note called Notion
  • Enter “Introduce Obsidian app”
  • Select text and Ctrl+P for “AI Editor: Expand Content”
  • Click “Add to Note”
  • Ctrl+P for “AI Editor: Summarize”
  • Click “Add to Note”

A few months ago, I concocted a plugin, or as I like to call it, “The Magical ChatGPT-Enhancer”! It’s on GitHub, in case you fancy a chuckle or two. You see, I thought, why have pre-defined actions when you can have a config buffet? You’re the boss! Sure, it’s like a clumsy baby right now, but don’t let that stop you from taking it for a spin and telling me how I can turn this little tyke into a grown-up wizard!