Connect Obsidian and Calibre in investigator mode

Greetings, I would like to request a plugin or feature that connects Calibre to Obsidian. I’m not talking about importing the highlights of books read in Calibre into Obsidian, there is already a plugin that does this quite well.

The usage scenario is different: For years I have been using Calibre to organize thousands of articles and books and search for content both in their metadata and within the texts efficiently and quickly. In this way, Calibre works as a specialized library manager. That makes Calibre unique for academic research.

I think it would be really cool and an important qualitative leap, to be able to explore Calibre metadata from Obsidian and be able to integrate it into the notes.

It would also be interesting if each Calibre book or article appeared as an Obsidian note and the tags from that book could be integrated into Obsidian.

You could also view existing books or articles in Calibre in the graphical view and treat them as notes.

I think this integration would be very valuable and useful, since by viewing the entire Calibre library from Obsidian, it would be available to connect to the creative note-taking process.

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Hi, I was also looking into similar solution. What I currently do is, I have placed Calibre library inside Obsidian vault, so all the PDF files are accessible for me inside Obsidian. I manage my library from external Calibre software. This way my Notes and CalibreLibrary resides in a same folder.
I hope if there could be a way to do following.

  1. Fetch books based on tags added by calibre
  2. Fetch cover images and file links together.

Let us know if you come across any solution.