Connect DevonThink 3 files to Obsidian files which are located on iCloud

Things I have tried

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  1. Looked on Devonthink Forum about indexing files
  2. Considered using Keyboard Maestro to regularly backup my Obsidian files on iCloud so that these can be indexed by Devonthink.
  3. Installed Ryan Murphy’s plugin for Devonthink

I want to use Ryan Murphy’s plugin to use both my DT3 (DevonThink3) files and by Obsidian files without jumping between programs. The first task seems to be to index my Obsidian Md files on iCloud. My Obsidian files are on iCloud because I use Obsidian Mobile a lot. I read on the DevonThink forum (@BlueFrog) that if you want to index your files with DT3, it is better to have the Obsidian files on the same disc as the DT3 files. To that end, I am thinking of backing up Obsidian files using KM (Keyboard Maestro). That is setting up to regularly backup my Obsidian vault to my iMac. It is a good idea also because I don’t have a backup of my iCloud files. But, do I really have to go through all this trouble? Probably is it is simple. But, it is a lot of trouble just because I am a klutz with all of these programs.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has some experience or wisdom?

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