Confused about interaction between plugins: templater, commander and quick add

I just started to use obsidian more seriously recently and I’m digging into community plugins.

It seems that some plugins are able to interact with each other, but just in specific ways, and I want to get clarification if this is how it should be or if I’m missing something.

First, starting with templater and commander. I want to be able to add some buttons to trigger templates in my tab-bar using commander. However, I am only allowed to do that if I add a shortuct for that specific template. Even if I don’t configure any hotkey it works. Is this intended?

Then there is another confusing interaction between templater and quick add. If I use a template that contains templater syntax from quick add it works, even if I use both templater and quick add syntaxes.
For example, this works as expected:

tags: restaurant, review
score: {{value:score}}
# Visitas

1.  <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>

If I use this template as a quick add action it will properly create a new file, will ask me a value for score and will insert the proper date in the first bullet point. Is this intended? Or am I exploiting some unexpected behaviour?

Thanks everybody

This is intended, but some may find it confusing. You can view unassigned commands in Hotkeys, then filter by Unassigned. You sometimes want unassigned commands, because you can pin and use them with Command palette (or with command mode in Quick Switcher++). I actually prefer this approach: I don’t want any keyboard hotkey for any of my Templater or QuickAdd commands. I just press cmd + p and search my template there.

No. When QuickAdd creates your note, it will send the normal note creation event that Templater will detect. I’m not sure if this happens before or after the QuickAdd value insertion. Again it might be confusing that two plugins can simultaneously process your note creation.

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