Confluence sync ideas

Hi all,

my company (as many) is using Confluence for documentation purposes. I am writing mine in Obsidian.

What ways have you been using to get your work synced/published to Confluence so far?

I tried to use docx as export/import way manually but the import does not import headers properly (I see h1. … everywhere and no proper headers). I am not sure if Confluence is broken there, pandoc or anything else.

And I would like to know what your experiences are on how to get your ideas from Obsidian to Confluence. Not even a two way sync, just a single way in one direction …

Bye, Nils


Just joining in here now - some kind of linkability between both would be really helpful.

Jira and Confluence both have absurdly broken text-editors, each in their own “we know better what the user wants to do than the user does” way.

Though, there is a (tedious) way to get your (raw) Markdown into Confluence: Here’s the help article. Copy your markdown text (in Obsidian’s source mode) and use the “Insert Markup”-Function (remember to select Markdown).

(Just as a friendly heads-up: Jira’s text-editor, even though both products are from Atlassian, doesn’t have this “Insert Markup”-feature.)