Confluence sync ideas

Hi all,

my company (as many) is using Confluence for documentation purposes. I am writing mine in Obsidian.

What ways have you been using to get your work synced/published to Confluence so far?

I tried to use docx as export/import way manually but the import does not import headers properly (I see h1. … everywhere and no proper headers). I am not sure if Confluence is broken there, pandoc or anything else.

And I would like to know what your experiences are on how to get your ideas from Obsidian to Confluence. Not even a two way sync, just a single way in one direction …

Bye, Nils


Just joining in here now - some kind of linkability between both would be really helpful.

Jira and Confluence both have absurdly broken text-editors, each in their own “we know better what the user wants to do than the user does” way.

Though, there is a (tedious) way to get your (raw) Markdown into Confluence: Here’s the help article. Copy your markdown text (in Obsidian’s source mode) and use the “Insert Markup”-Function (remember to select Markdown).

(Just as a friendly heads-up: Jira’s text-editor, even though both products are from Atlassian, doesn’t have this “Insert Markup”-feature.)


Totally agree with Criamos
Atlassian thinks “we know better how it should be - you should do only our way”.

It will be super great to have some sort of syncing between Obsidian and Confluence.

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This sadly is not a workable solution if you are collaborating with other folks who don’t see the glory of markdown. If I was more motivated I would love to run some analysis to see if the amount of technical documentation went down on my company’s wiki after they removed native markdown support. A markdown widget is not the same.

I fully agree.

If you try to convert a markdown file to Confluence with the markdown widget, I’ve noticed that I have to manually fix the formatting (most of the time) afterward anyway.
My biggest gripe is how bad this widget works in regards to single line code blocks or multi-line code blocks: They don’t nearly “pop out” as much as needed, making it really hard to discern code from normal text in Confluence.

(And don’t get me started on the UX-disaster that is the Confluence code-block widget with its limited choice of supported languages. I don’t know who the text-editor was designed for, but it somehow manages to be neither user-friendly nor dev-friendly - which is an accomplishment in itself).

I have started on a Plugin to integrate Obsidian with Confluence.

Would love to get feedback if this has the features you are looking for.

That looks amazing! Your readme says it can be installed through the community plugins browser but it doesn’t seem to be available there yet…any idea when that will be working?

I have raised the PR to get it included in community plugins. Confluence Integration by andymac4182 · Pull Request #1867 · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub

Till that is ready I have updated the docs to include how to use BRAT Installation - BRAT - Obsidian Confluence Integration

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Just use my plugin Markdown to Jira. It is not yet finished, but as soon as I get time, I will finish it.

Hello there o/ So what if I need to export Obsidian markdown in Confluence as formatted text but my company instance is private and can’t be accessed through your integration?