Conflicted copies when using remotely-save with Dropbox

I have been trying to find a sync solution that works on multiple OS while also keeping my data in the Dropbox cloud for backups.


  1. Notes randomly but frequently create conflicted copies of themselves while I am typing mid-sentence. Then, the original note deletes itself, leaving the conflicted copy only, which then has some truncated text. I have observed this on both Windows and Mac.

  2. I have also seen data.json just create multiple conflicted copies of itself in Dropbox when no notes are being typed into at all - Obsidian is open only on 1 device when this occurs.

Currently, I am running the latest version of Obsidian on the following platforms.

  • iOS 16.2

  • Windows 10

  • Mac OS X Ventura

Dropbox settings:

  • All markdown files are kept on the local device (not stored as “online only”)

  • All newly created files will be “available offline”

  • Dropbox v 167.4.4719

Enabled Obsidian plugins:

  • remotely-save 0.3.25 (this is the only plugin enabled on iOS)

  • Advanced Tables 0.18.1

  • Advanced Slides 1.20.0

  • Tag wrangler 0.5.6

What I’ve tried:

  • Updating all Dropbox settings to have Obsidian files stored on local machine. All new files (notes created in Obsidian) are offline by default. I thought this would solve it because new notes more frequently had the issue, but no, it did not.

  • Deleted workspace.json, closing Obsidian , and reopening on a single device to recreate the json.

  • Deleted data.json

  • Ensuring only one device is open on Obsidian at once

  • Uninstalled/reinstalled Obsidian

While I would have no qualms paying for Obsidian Sync, I am not convinced that it would solve my issue, which appears to be how remotely-save handles files in conjunction with Dropbox. Specifically, I believe the workspace.json or data.json gets out of sync somehow, and I suspect this would also be the case on Obsidian Sync if I keep files in Dropbox.

Can I use Sync across multiple OS while keeping the markdown files in Dropbox without conflicted copies? Is the answer to avoid Dropbox here? Any other reasons why remotely-save would do this that the community can think of?

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remotely-save says it supports Dropbox. So perhaps consider opening an issue on the Github project.

Maybe there is something that can be done.

I don’t use remotely-save, but I definitely get a lot of workspace conflicts in Dropbox, when I’m working cross-platform with multiple Obsidians open. Luckily, I’ve never had any note conflicts. Hope you can sort it out!

Putting it on Github is a good idea I may try.

Regarding your setup, I am assuming you do not use Obsidian on mobile with the same Dropbox files? That is really why I am using remotely-save. If I could get rid of the need for the plugin, that would be ideal of course.

Yes, I don’t sync to mobile

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