Conflict spam with Obsidian and Nextcloud

Things I have tried

  • Have evaluated the suggestions in Conflicted Copy spamming, but the solution there is not viable :confused:
  • Running NextCloud in “Paused” seems to resolve the issue
  • Does not seem to occur on Linux.
  • Attempted to mount the Obsidian folder over Webdav, but Obsidian is not able to register … something (IONotifier? I can re-create this scenario, but Obsidian wouldn’t even load the vault to open it).

Running Obsidian 0.13.23 on Windows 10. Nextcloud 23.0.1 in Docker on a Synology NAS. No disk issues identified (from the first link above). Disks are spinning (not SSD or NVME).

If I start typing new content, I will randomly see the content dissapear and a new " conflict" appear in the folder. The conflict contains my new additions.

Video of the issue is at Obsidian Nextcloud Sync Issue - YouTube

What I’m trying to do

Sync my notes between hosts and my phone.

I’ve had a similar experience running Obsidian 0.13.23 and Nextcloud Desktop 3.4.2 on Linux.

It looks like this github issue for Nextcloud is similar to what we are seeing, and is not caused by Obsidian:

I took a suggestion from some one on the Github and am using an older desktop client version and now I am not having the issue, seems to be an issue with the newer desktop versions.

I downloaded this client version -

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