Configuring Selective Settings Sync Across Devices

What I’m Trying to Do

I’m using Obsidian Sync with a specific vault across multiple devices. My setup includes:

  • Primary Device:
    • Windows PC (windows-pc-1)
  • Secondary Devices:
    • iPad (ipad-2)
    • MacBook (macbook-3)
    • iPhone (iphone-4)
    • Android devices for work (android-work-5) and volunteer activities (android-volunteer-6)
    • Galaxy tablet for field use (galaxy-field-7)
    • Windows laptop (windows-lap-8)

I am trying to configure my Obsidian Sync such that only windows-pc-1 is authorized to publish its settings to a specific subset of devices:

  • android-work-5
  • android-volunteer-6
  • galaxy-field-7
  • windows-lap-8

It is important that some of these settings are not synced to:

  • iPad (ipad-2)
  • MacBook (macbook-3)
  • iPhone (iphone-4)

Furthermore, It’s of the utmost importance that the settings on windows-pc-1 remain unaffected by any changes from the secondary devices regarding settings.

Things I Have Tried

  • Searched the Obsidian help docs for terms:
    • "selective sync”
    • “settings sync”
    • “primary-secondary"
    • “master-slave”
  • Tried manually configuring sync settings on windows-pc-1, hoping to find an option to designate it as a “publisher” (or similar) device that other devices could selectively “subscribe” to, without success.
  • Experimented with different setups in the Obsidian Sync settings, often the settings sync both directions
  • looking through the similar topics that appear on the right side of this editor
  • Searching the forum for similar topics, and from what I’ve found questions/answers are usually pertaining to file sync challenges, visual appearance difficulties, or topics about GitHub/google drive/dropbox/etc
  • Of topics that closely relate, the written responses and written solutions are confusing to me (I’ve been trying to figure this out on and off for a month or 2).

Could anyone provide guidance on setting up this selective synchronization?

What I Would Find Most Helpful

To understand the setup, I would greatly appreciate labeled screenshot examples of configuration settings on:

  • Windows PC (windows-pc-1): or a device that only “publishes” settings.
  • Android Work Device (android-work-5): or a secondary device that “subscribes” to receive all the same settings.
  • iPad (ipad-2): or another secondary device, perhaps different in UI from the first 2, that “subscribes” to receive only some settings.

Labeled screenshots of three devices’ settings that provide clear relatable examples and would be helpful to me.

Thank you,

Anyone able to help, even with a text explanation?

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