Configure Zettelkasten ID (identifier)

I’d like to be able to configure in Obsidian how the Zettelkasten IDs are generated.

I have two problems with the default identifier that looks like 202006031706:

  1. I find the number hard to comprehend (read). Something like 2020-06-03 1706 is easier for me to quickly read.
  2. I have 2.000 notes from an other application that use another identifier format. If I could configure in Obsidian how the ID is generated, I can easily import the content and don’t have to change my workflow too much.

Ideally I’d love to have a text field in the Obsidian settings where I can for instance type %Y-%M-%D %h%m and have Obsidian use that format to generate identifiers.

This way everyone that likes a customised or particular format for their IDs can combine those letters in the way they like best.

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


You can better configure the generation of IDs with the Daily notes plugin.

This suggestion is meaningless because you can’t easily create the posts with the ID like normal. This should be an option in the plugin itself.

you can’t easily create the posts with the ID like normal

I’m not sure if you’re right, since you can set one hotkey for “open today’s note”, and another hotkey for “create new note”, and yet another for the Zettelkasten plug-in.

I’d appreciate configurable IDs as well. I use a 14-digit ID from Zettlr that includes seconds.

14 digits are nice because it is possible to generate more than one note in the same minute, and it allows encoding some other info in the last two digits instead of the seconds.

Newer version has this now (thanks Devs!)